With Mixed Race Comes Mixed Feelings...

Understanding Identity Among Mixed-Race Individuals

This digital humanities project summarizes what it is like to be mixed-race in today's society, revolving around issues related to race and identity. The original dataset comes from Mixed Feelings: An Oral History Project by Laura Wong, who published approximately 193 mixed-race individuals (MRIs) answers to an open-ended questionnaire. Note: This site is still in development phase. Please come back for updates. (last updated 4/19/2018)

If you identify as mixed-race and would like to submit your own response, you can access the survey here.

Look at data from MRIs that claim one of the races above as one of their identities (among others)
All MRIs are from different regions of the U.S. except the 'Other' category, which includes MRIs from other countries
Select an age group (MRIs filled out the questionnaire in 2015)

Note: Themes and Y/N charts will be updated based on the questions and categories selected above, but may take a few seconds to load.

Note: These plots are static and describes all 193 mixed-race individuals who responded to the survey

This digital environment was created by Aurora Tsai. Thank you to all of the mixed-race individuals who shared their experiences.

Aurora Tsai
PhD Candidate
Modern Languages Department
Carnegie Mellon University