The Mixed Heritage Identity Project

This digital humanities project summarizes what it is like to be mixed-race in today's society, revolving around issues related to race, language, and identity. This data and interactive visualizations below are based on 293 mixed heritage individuals responses to an open-ended questionnaire.

Note: *If you are interested in full access to the original data, please contact the author, Aurora Tsai. (last updated 03/01/2021)

Click on a section of the Sunburst diagram to see selected* responses appear below.
Note: Some participants did not respond to all questions, resulting in different numbers for total responses.

Note: These plots are static and describes all all 293 mixed-race individuals who responded to the survey

These data visualizations created by Aurora Tsai and the research resulting from this study was conducted by Aurora Tsai (University of Tokyo) and Brenda Straka (Duke University). We would like to express a deep gratitude to all of the mixed-race/mixed-heritage individuals who shared their experiences.

Aurora Tsai
Center for Global Communication Strategies
University of Tokyo

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